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They started on the weekend of the Super Moon in Gemini and then peaked on December th, Whenever something unique happens in the heavens, it's not only a chance to look up but it's also an opportunity to connect with your higher power. There are lessons in life that often cause us to turn our faces downward, sometimes feeling a bit of shame or discouragement. But when we see stars fall, we often don't consider the star a failure.

We see its brilliance and admire the light as it flashes past us. What if we approached our down points with the same anticipation? When we fall, we are still bright lights, aren't we? There's wisdom in that moment of experience because it's a pivoting of the soul. When the soul experiences a new way of being, it's transformed into a new energy source, and yet it is the same as it once was before.

Memorize These Dates! Experiences in life are cyclical, which is why you'll get a second chance to see something amazing happening in the sky this week if you want to. If you missed the Geminids, you can still watch a meteor shower tonight depending on where you live and sky clarity. The Pantheon meteor shower begins today. Astronomers say that this large, 3-mile meteor could be the source of the Geminids.

Here's the continuous live streaming from NASA. With Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, we come to realize how much our desires and wants mean to us. There may be some increased persistence in the pursuit of our interests. Love can become more intentional and commitments more intense during this week. The Moon will be making its way Sagittarius to Aquarius.

Zodiac signs have an opportunity to learn how to balance personal needs with social demands without being selfish. Time is spent balancing work and pleasure. Venus is in Sagittarius with the Mercury. What we feel and how we express ourselves comes from a place of exploration and adventure.

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Rather than seeking to own, love seeks to understand. In Sagittarius, how we think about others is less a projection of our own wants and needs.

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We have an opportunity to learn how to give and take with an appreciation for individual differences. Saturn leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn where it will remain for the next Zodiac signs are now a little older and wiser. Aries, fresh starts! This is when you shine brightest. With old karma gone and a new chance to rebuild your future, there's little time to waste with people, places or things that won't have lasting meaning — that is, unless you want to. This week, get that day planner ready for some fancy plans.

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Don't be a wallflower when it comes to socializing. Right now, you've got Mars and Mercury on your side. Career goals are looking good for you. There's only one way for you this week, Ram. Taurus, you don't have to go flying out of the gate to race to the finish line. A new chance for rebuilding means you'll want to pace yourself and take your time getting comfortable with the new energy flow.

Venus is in Sagittarius with Mercury. There's plenty for you to learn and explore. You might find that moments are spent best with the people you love, learning and trying out new things you both love to do. Perhaps, the best way for you to bring in the new with Saturn is to buy yourself a little something special to commemorate the occasion.

A nice trinket or some new shoes will do the trick. No more old man Saturn making things complicated in your sign, so now a new day is dawning. Your love life gets an energy boost, the one you've been longing to have for some time. If you're single, relationship fears can start to become less powerful and you grow more confident.

If you're in a relationship, you will notice that communication grows stronger between you and your boo, too. To make this a week to remember, why not create a fun music playlist to remind you of all the things you're looking forward to now, and for the new year? Cancer, you always knew you were destined for a better year, and although was a big improvement compared to , things will take a turn for the better early.

You get an improvement on your intuitive side. You're already practically psychic when it comes to sensing things before they happen, but now, you'll not only sense, you'll have the confidence to act upon your gut instincts, too.

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Say hello to balance in your life, too. Why not set the stage for your burst of productivity by downloading an app to help you keep track of your time so you're A-game stays strong? Leo, it's still play time for the lion this month, and you'll want to spend more time with the people you love.

Family and friends are more open to getting together. Don't pass on the invitations even if it's cold outside and you'd rather stay tucked into your warm bed. This week, celebrate in your own style. Maybe you have some things you've been eyeing while shopping on social media and you've not wanted to indulge. When we think of unexpected we often turn towards a disaster, when other results are just as likely to arrive, so bear that in mind.

Each sign will have its own area where events can occur and the only way to understand that and prepare is to have your personal chart constructed.

Astrology of Today – Monday, December 17th, 2018

Contact me for more detailed information at cflisher gmail. Elsewhere we see a lot of activity as Mars stirs up things as it stands in a harsh angle to the Sun early in the week. Mars is aggressive and when combined with the Sun can produce impulsive, combative circumstances as well as power struggles, success, and assertiveness. Much of that may be offset by Mercury and Jupiter who stand in a conjunction to each other in Sagittarius.

When these two planets combine their energy we see great constructive, wide-reaching, intellectual endeavors. Communications are amplified and the conversation may dwell on religious themes, expanding borders not restricting , contracts, and optimism in general. We may all feel magnanimous during this period and why not? We have endured enough drama and collapse these past few years, we deserve to relish this moment, albeit short-lived.

To finish up the week we see Venus and Neptune in a harmonious angle as well. Together these two deliver an extension of the magnanimity by offering up a backdrop for daydreaming, platonic relationships, and artistic events that deliver fantasy and escapism.

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All of these sound like a perfect setting for the coming holiday. Why not celebrate with those you love? Great guests, great topics; information you can use. Write to me for a reading or call at to connect with me. Visit my websites at www. Mars energy has a significant role in your world and can be the great motivator. Look to education and travel for excitement and possible surprises. Reconsider your path forward.

Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes to Save You From Major Drama

Not all friction is problematic and great accomplishments can arise out of a simple animated discussion. The final result is what is worth remembering so even if the road is bumpy getting there, the ending may be worth it. You could be eager to push your agenda, yet you may witness some pushback from an unlikely source.

Nonetheless, the possibility of widely optimistic vision for the way forward may exist. Conflict may deliver creativity. Thing big and reach far. This may be a wonderful surprise that you might have been prepared for, but the potential remains. This should be an excellent time to explore new employment responsibilities and goals. LEO July Aug. In fact, those two entities may naturally meet up in the course of your time. Topics such as health and well-being are dominate and that may be the driving force behind your exchanges with large organizations.