Waning moon in scorpio vedic astrology

New moons are a great time to set intentions. One important thing to note about intention setting however, is that it is best to do this in the days following the new moon. It is beneficial to have a bit of the light return to engage and support your intentions. Then, two weeks after a new moon and after the waxing phase, we get a full moon. The full moon is the halfway point of the lunar cycle.

This is when the sun and moon are opposite each other in the sky and the moon reflects the full brilliance and light of the sun from our vantage point here on Earth. The full moon ushers in the two week waning phase of the cycle where for two weeks the moon gets darker and darker. This waning phase of the moon invites us inward on a more reflective journey, honoring an internal process. The full moon is the harmonizing point of the lunar cycle where we take all that we have learned since the new moon and integrate it. After two weeks the waning phase completes with another dark moon that also completes the entire lunar cycle, and we begin again.

This new moon will happen in the sign of Aries and it will be within the Nakshatra called Bharni. Nakshatras are the 27 unique divisions of the sky in the Sidereal Zodiac.

Getting to Know the Moon Astrologically

Remember that new moons are a time of new beginnings—this Aries new moon is especially ripe, active, and full of potential. Aries, as the natural first house of the zodiac, brings a great initiatory energy here which can also be related to impulse, courage and strength. One caution with this Aries new moon is to be vigilant of the impulse to act without thinking. Be mindful of this impulse. We will be getting a bit of support and assistance from the planet Mercury as he will be joining this new moon bringing in some intelligence to help navigate this impulsive energy.

Think about the act of labor. This is all connected to this Nakshatra Bharni. It can mean to bear or carry a burden. Labor is a burden to bear for the ultimate prize of the creation of life itself… So there is an incredible amount of vitality and creation energy here. Something to ponder: What in your life are you creating that may feel a bit like a burden to you right now but will be so worth it? What are you birthing into existence right now? What can you bear for the ultimate prize of creation? This is the harmonizing point of the Lunar Cycle. This full moon is happening in the sign of Scorpio and within the Nakshatra called Anuradha.

New Moon October – Your Lucky Stars – Astrology King

Scorpio is a deep and intense energy. The image of Scorpio as a water sign is water at the bottom of a deep deep well. This is where we uncover the deep mysteries of life. This is where we want to explore the unknown. The Nakshatra Anuradha is a very devotional Nakshatra. The idea here is to serve something higher than ourselves. Anuradha is symbolized by a spark like a flash of lightening or a spark of intuition or a glimpse of the divine.

Something to ponder: What in your life can you explore at a deep level?

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What do you have the courage to really dive into, to possibly discover something new or maybe even get a spark of intuition or glimpse of the Divine? The planet Jupiter will be with this full moon in the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter brings hope, meaning and purpose but he will be retrograde the entire month of May. When a planet goes retrograde it brings with it a reflective energy. Something to ponder: What in your life around your ideas of hope, meaning and purpose needs to be reflected upon, reanalyzed, realigned, refocused, rethought, reworked or rebooted?

Mother offers the womb, the nurturing, the container for the seed to grow. The Mother gives the vital ingredients for sustaining life it self. Without her, we are lost, misguided and lack the ability to live.

More On Shrivinayaka Astrology

Our connection to Moon to Ma, to mother directly correlates to our ability to live in harmony with life and feel the support and nurturing life has to offer. This is why Moon is connected to Soma in the Vedic texts. Soma is the nurturing nectar that is essential for life. It is through the somagenic qualities of the Moon that we are nurtured and given life. The Moon changes signs roughly every 2.

Moon is sensitive, artistic, social and emotional in nature. Those who are highly influenced by the Moon visible through the Jyotish chart are individuals that are connected deeply to the emotional body and must learn to surf these inner tides in this life. The primary work is to learn the emotions and work with them, not against them, to use them, not fight them. Moon people as I refer to them are often very connected to their mother, females, intuition, land, home, heart, nurturing and compassion.

These are very caring people and need comfort and support in their life in order to feel safe and grounded.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

Family and social life is a central part of their lives and they may become overly attached to family and friends. Realizing that the whole world is here to support and nurture is a good reminder and focus.

Wanderlust 108 Events

The Moon is friendly towards all the planets and doesn't make enemies- Moon people are the same. Conflict is extremely uncomfortable for these individuals. Moon is very social and loves community, neighbors and social interactions.

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  4. However, Moon people are mutable and change to sync up with their surroundings. It is very important that Moon people keep very good sattvic pure company so that they do not become overburdened with dark energy. Being in water, near water and cleansing in water daily is helpful for Moon people to clear any energy they may have picked up during the day that is not their own. Moon people need to feel comfort and a sense of security in order to thrive. These people are sensitive and feel vulnerable, are easily hurt and damaged. Bhakti yoga and devotional practices will help the heart expand and be soothed.

    Following the phases of the moon and making adjustments with these cosmic tides can be helpful as well. Art and creativity are excellent tools especially singing for Moon people to move the emotional tides they are so connected to. Somatic and Expressive Art therapies are essential for these individuals. Moon people are here to learn to nurture and be nurtured, to work with the emotional realms and to expand their compassion and devotional abilities.

    For all of us, the Moon is a main influence on our well being. Without her, we are lost, misguided and without intuitive wisdom. It is important to know how your natal moon is effecting you, what you can expect from it, and what is best practice with the karmas you've chosen in this incarnation. Studying the Moon transits, the phases and the lunar constellations known as nakshatras, are all vital tools of insight and understanding.

    The Moon is truly a gift of awareness, comfort and support when we create a relationship with her.

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