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Who knows? Eclipses are so powerful, it may even happen faster than you expect! This can bring up a lack of security in your personal life that can shine a light on the things you are now meant to let go of in order to create the feeling of comfort you seek for yourself. Taking the time to tally up how well you did in will help pave the way for new realizations on how you would like to better manage your money in How can you double or even triple your income without having to work extra to make it happen?

This refreshing influence can help you gain traction in finding a way to serve others around you in your own unique way that helps you stand apart from your competition — therefore also adding to your bottom line! After all, it seems like the richest people in the world initially got that way from helping the most people.

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Yet, Full Moon Eclipses are a major time of realizing what needs to be released to make way for even better opportunities to mix and mingle with more of the right people in the future. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 5th is an immensely potent time to send your wishes out to the universe on how you would ideally like your partnerships to look and feel so that you feel properly supported for all that you do to support others, too!

Meanwhile, radical planet Uranus will be ending its long 5-month retrograde in your Career Zone on the 6th. Releasing old fears can make way for the floodgates to open, allowing greater blessings to come your way in the future, most likely faster than you may have thought was even possible. Let go of those long days of overworking and getting burnt out! Instead, aim to work out before work, prioritize your beauty sleep, and streamline your systems so you can give yourself more time to go for walks, keep your home or workspace straightened up, and prepare fresh, healthy snacks.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 5th is a major time for envisioning how you would like your ideal day to go, so the universe can help you make it an everyday occurrence rather than something that feels more like a random enchanting unicorn sighting. For the last 5 months, Uranus has unfortunately been stomping on your flow when it comes to stretching your mind in new directions.

Later in the month, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be illuminating your sign. This is an incredibly powerful time for you to stare at yourself squarely in the mirror and look clearly at — and celebrate — the fabulous person you have become. At the same time, this is also a major moment for release. So, which old ways of being or doing are no longer suiting you?

Sagittarius April 2020

Cast off the masks of the past and allow yourself to be seen by others for the true you! Ultimately, that is what is going to lead to the greatest success in the long run! The New Moon Solar Eclipse in your fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, on the 5th is calling you to set a powerful intention for creating the things you wish existed in the world, not just because it would make life better or easier, but also because it gives you a thrill.

This winning combination of forces can help you break out of your rut and seek out new and exciting options to make your money work for you. Keep a notebook close by because an unexpected new product, offering, investment strategy, or promotional idea could reignite forward-moving momentum that can make for a far better than average first quarter! While the insights you gain during this time could be illuminating and happily life-altering, this powerful eclipse can also bring about a spiritual wake-up call that can help you cast off limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, or unhelpful thought patterns that are keeping you from aligning your daily focus with the divine will of your Higher Self.

What do you need to let go of so you can make as magical as you truly feel it is meant to be? While it can be an amazing time to throw a party and gather together with friends and new acquaintances, you may also come to see more clearly the issues you are in need of releasing when it comes to the company you keep and how you would personally prefer to offer your time, talents, and resources to the people you feel you can best serve. This is a month to speak your mind, share your message, and put yourself in a position to brush shoulders with more like-minded people who can help you reach your next round of goals.

This is your year to make major waves in the world! Is it a certain amount of money? Meeting the love of your life? More good news is coming your way as Uranus Retrograde ends on the 6th — allowing any creative blocks or barriers to finding more fun in your work that you may have been experiencing to finally magically float away. Others may become more attracted to your seemingly magnetic energy, making it an excellent time to promote your offerings or even — for single Sagittarians — to put yourself out more boldly into the dating scene.

While this can definitely bring the culmination of exciting new opportunities for growth and expansion, you may also want to take advantage of this potent time for releasing old curiosities or studies that are no longer piquing your interest so you can make more room in your life and your brain for the things that truly light you up and actually leave you craving more. First, the Sun is obviously moving through your sign until January 19th, shining a light on you and how you would most like to show up in the world if you could do or be anything you want.

This is the ultimate time for allowing your superior planning skills to be put into play to create a solid structure that is going to allow you to build a ladder towards your dreamiest goals for On the other hand, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach as mother would say and you might be tempted to charm, flirt or bluff your way through a situation more than usual. There may also be a tendency to self-indulgence. These are not necessarily bad things, but it's probably wise to remember to use this energy to enhance your best judgement, not override it.

Your contribution of any amount is warmly appreciated. It helps keep all this information available to everyone! Thank you! If you're not in Canada , please use the button below. Any problems with the Donate buttons? Please let me know. Many thanks! Relationships and interactions are likely to be deep, intense and transformative under this transit. The same goes for your sense of beauty, and your material and financial dealings, which may require you to delve far deeper than usual to discover the truth under the surface of things. You may encounter the dark shadow of your desires — the obscure, secret or unconscious hunger that hides underneath the "politically correct" face you show to the world and to yourself.

This is a challenge to be resolved in some way. It might bring out conflict rooted in envy or jealousy, if someone has something or someone that you feel you are entitled to.

Today's Horoscope For Friday, December 28, 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

Or, it might prompt you to reach very deep into your soul to find your inner beauty and value. You may be challenged to develop empathy or empowerment about something that initially seemed undesirable, unforgivable or scary. This transit can show you the problem areas that need to be transformed and healed. And seeing these more clearly can be a catharsis that sets that transformative healing in motion. For about a week before and after, you may experience energy that is intense, compelling and transformative, as Pluto changes direction to its normal forward motion.

If you've been going through deep, cathartic changes in your life over the last 6 months to a year, you may find that this station brings a shift in how you are able to approach and act on those changes. This might be a time when you feel the weight of power struggles or loss in your life, but it can also galvanize empowering strength in yourself that you didn't know you had. Above all, it is a time when your deepest, most authentic Self can start to emerge and be reborn anew.

Cunning communication and insight are at their peak, as Mercury skulks through Scorpio. It's a time for unearthing secrets and delving deeply into the psychological Shadow Carl Jung's term for the unconscious parts of ourselves that we don't want to or know how to face. There is opportunity for healing and grounding now, but you may have to resist the temptation to manipulate others to control that process. Your awareness of the undercurrents around you could be increased This transit presents an opportunity to learn new ways to wield words with the skill of a surgeon — to heal and remove what is toxic, not to wound or retaliate.

Use it wisely. If you are not crystal clear with yourself about your motives and feelings when communicating with others, your unconscious or hidden agendas could seep through and cause hurt when that was not your intention. This is a time when aggression, anger and directness may have to be expressed gently, diplomatically and gracefully. Libra is not the most comfortable sign for Mars, since his typically sharp-edged and forceful nature becomes blunted and filtered through Libran softness and tact. It's a bit like dressing Star Trek's "Worf" in a tutu.

However, when these energies combine and work well together, what can emerge is the passion to fight for justice and fairness. This is "the fisted hand in the velvet glove," and can create situations in which you must respond more like a charming but crafty ambassador than a brute force boxer.

September-October ★ New Moon in Libra | The Low-Down on the Far-Out ★ Evolving Door Astrology

On the other hand, with force, aggression and directness somewhat blocked or unavailable as options, it may be difficult to respond decisively or purposefully to conflict and challenge. You need to rely more on your wits than your impulses, and strive for a win-win solution than a clear victory. If you're not sure if this applies to you, check the change dates for your location on DateAndTime. When the Sun squares the Lunar Nodes, your sense of purpose and identity appear to be in conflict with the lessons you need to learn in life.

It may feel like you're forced to take a detour around your direct route to your destination whatever that might be. This may only be true on the surface — if you look deeper at the situation or possibly in retrospect , you'll probably find that your sense of self is actually helped by the benefits that you are able to get on that detour, which would have missed if you hadn't been diverted from your original path. Alternatively, you might be confronted by a conflict or stressful dilemma that you usually resist or flail against.

This may be an opportunity to explore a deeper level of your experience and feelings. Perhaps there is fear or resentment or defiance behind your reaction. This is a chance to try on a different perspective and respond in a different way that can help you move through the situation instead of just being blocked by it.

Demystifying the Stars

When the Sun squares the Nodes it is sometimes called "Moon Wobbles," which is a bit of a misnomer. The Moon itself doesn't wobble or even necessarily interact directly with either the Nodes or the Sun. Rather, the Moon part of us the inner, feeling, intuitive, sensitive part of us may feel a bit "wobbly" or unsteady when the Sun squares the Nodes. The "Moon Wobble" effects are said to build and dissipate for up to 10 days before and after the Sun-Node square is exact. This is a wakeup call! You are asked to open your mind so that you can see something about your life, yourself or your situation that has eluded you until now.

It might be a shocking revelation that changes your whole perspective However it manifests, you are in a position to see your situation more clearly and objectively — although this can also make it seem like this energy is outside of you and happening TO you. However, if you look closely inside yourself, you may see thoughts, perceptions and impressions that correspond to the external events and participate in the interchange. Emails, Internet chats, and interaction with technology may be part of this transit as well. Communication may be a bit erratic or unpredictable, so be careful not to speak thoughtlessly or carelessly.

However, you may find that words and perceptions come to you intuitively and spontaneously. It is necessary for you to come to grips with limitations, boundaries or expectations. If you have been avoiding some task or obligation, this transit might bring consequences from that avoidance or a warning of consequences to come. You might also encounter a situation that requires you to accept unwanted responsibility or restricts your freedom in some way. You might be faced with some part of your life being pruned back, either to rein in something that is out of control or to make room for new growth.

This is likely to be more or less stressful depending on how comfortable you are dealing with responsibility, authority, limits and hard work.

12222 Astrology Guide

If you have a hard time with authority issues, you might find yourself in conflict with someone in authority under this transit — perhaps in part because your buttons are getting pushed. On the other hand, this could also be a time when you are challenged to take action or make a decision that involves taking on more responsibility.

It is also a time when you may have to find better ways to deal with personal boundaries — accepting others' or learning to assert your own. You're bumping up against reality, so try to work constructively with it, not hurl yourself against it. Venus is the planet of relationships, interaction, beauty, pleasure and material resources. She struts through Scorpio with attitude!

As a result, we may experience sensuality, sexuality and intimacy in a more intense, in-your-face kind of way. You might feel the need to establish a better balance of power with others that is pleasant and even-handed on the surface but also deals with the more gritty or intense energy that tends to lurk under the surface.

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It may be easier to attract what or who you want now, by focusing your intent and interest on the object of your affection and desire. However, there can also be a danger of becoming manipulative, controlling or devious to get what you want. Strive to become centred in your deepest heart's desire through steadfast self-honesty.

Aim to avoid becoming obsessed with power, wealth or lust so that you lose sight of your true light inside. This is a good transit to take joy in your instinctive nature. Weakness or chronic problems in health may flare up now, especially if you are under a lot of stress. It will help to do whatever is necessary to support and take care of yourself. You may find it works better to minimize or prevent deterioration, rather than to attempt a complete cure of whatever ails you. Emotional health may also be affected, bringing out latent issues related to anger, sexuality, assertiveness or courage.

This is a time when you can probably see all these problem areas more clearly, and as a result it can seem like they are getting worse. While this may or may not actually be true, you are in a position to respond to these issues in a different way now — precisely because you are able to see the nature of the problems more objectively and clearly. So don't allow yourself to just be intimidated by difficult experiences you might have now; use them to take steps toward a new well-being.

During its retrograde cycle, Mercury travels through the same span of the Zodiac three times called the Shadow. The first time through, it is going in direct motion moving forward , then retrograde looks like it's going backwards , and then direct again. This means there is a more extensive process of development and change involved with things that Mercury influences—ideas, thoughts, frame of mind and mental focus. It also concerns the collection, exchange, analysis and organisation of information. All forms of communication are also affected. This includes not just talking, but also email and snail mail, the Internet, the media in general, books and magazines, as well as public transit buses, trains, etc.

The situations developing over the next couple of weeks leading up to when Mercury actually goes retrograde will likely require further research, deeper consideration and adjustments to unexpected discoveries over the next couple of months. Expect changes in your plans, increasingly disrupted communication, and new information coming to light that may not fit conveniently into your plans. It's wise to leave lots of extra time to do things, to plan future projects and get to wherever you're going.

Patience is a valuable quality during this time. If you must make important decisions during this time, try to build some flexibility into your plans to allow for later changes—or if possible, you may want to delay final or irrevocable decisions until well after Mercury goes direct.

CAPRICORN Eclipse in Jan 2019 Starts a WORLD POWER CHANGE & HUGE PERSONAL SHIFT with a PEAK in 2020

Today, and up to a couple of days before and after, things can feel like they're starting to make sense. What you read, hear and observe may seem more obvious and your ability to put this into words could flow more easily. You might identify and figure out how to utilize the tools, skills, assets and ideas that could bring you further down the road toward whatever destination you're pointed toward. However, a reality check about how wise it might be to act on these ideas and benefits is still a good idea.

Write down good ideas to follow up with later. Relationships, social interaction, material resources and emotional balance may be a bit unpredictable or unstable around this time, as Uranus the Awakener sounds a wake-up gong in these areas. You may be more inclined to act out of character, to experiment or be reckless in relationship, social or financial matters, which could be liberating or disturbing, exciting or upsetting. Circumstances or other people might create a situation in which you are forced to respond in an unusual or unfamiliar way. The idea behind this energy is to become more flexible and more open to a broader vision of what is possible in those areas.

There may be weak spots in the affected areas which this transit illuminates by creating problems, so that they can be repaired and strengthened, or else broken and released so that new opportunities can come in. Trust the process and keep your eyes open to seeing new truth and insight.

This is a time when your understanding of the Big Picture and your place within it has the potential to click into place. As a result, your confidence and self-esteem can be quite high right now. Your ability to see opportunities and possibilities more clearly can produce an experience of being "lucky. This is a "feel-good" transit, when your sense of self can seem to expand and become free.