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The core issue is a search for the sacred, a desperate attempt to find meaning in life. These causes can certainly be addressed and resolved in the fight but I cannot hold out any hope of actual solutions and elimination of the problem before Not surprisingly the increasing chaos in the White House is outlined clearly by the astrology. Unexpected outcomes and shocking upheavals continue through Weds. Have NO expectation of calm descending.

And whatever actions are taken starting a couple days ago and through the month will bear this mark of chaos forever. The appointment by the Department of Justice of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to investigate everything occurred at a most fortuitous time. It is the main positive force for the year and focuses on creative and positive solutions to large problems.

Orderly change is the key phrase as Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. The five-year-old country is in woeful straits as a civil war drags on. But a proposal to create a trusteeship of outside powers is meeting resistance. This type of disturbance is indicated by Uranus stationing in Aries and promises to continue in various arenas through Friday.

In when this country was established, the planet Uranus was standing still in Aries. Here we are 5 years later and that is the case. I made this prediction at the time and then a couple years later mentioned it again as war continued. I had serious pushback from someone who claimed everything was really fine, he had in-country knowledge etc. I just laughed. There is NO avoiding your stars. What to do? Let the country collapse and start over with a better star pattern. Comments on the Republican Convention.

Staying home from the convention is a wise decision. Tremendous tension between traditional establishment and tribal emotions. Secret money deals are happening. Pence and Trump are both Geminis so no weight, no solidity. Power tempts Pence during the convention. Watch Twitter. There will certainly be flashes of ego and confidence. America will be shouted everywhere. GOP is the big loser. Its vision is shattered especially from what it once was. Deceit, low confidence, shady deals are everywhere. Nagging ego conflicts over picky details showcase the pettiness that has replaced high ideals.

History will see the convention as the funeral of the GOP. As I pointed out, this year was the Saturn return for the Treaty of Rome that formed the EU and as in human lives, that cycle point requires restructuring and reinvention. If the EU is to survive in any form, it needs to use this crisis to develop something new and improved. The immediate cosmic pattern supports ignoring the fear mongering and moving forward with reform that benefits all.

The multiple happenings have me postulating a demon cloud sweeping through. Neptune is currently stationing pushing minds already highly permeable to mass madness over the edge. I saw this happen in tiny Berkeley Springs a couple years ago with a fatal and inexplicable car crash and an equally inexplicable murder happening within a couple hours in a place where both are extremely rare. The first full party Congress in North Korea in 36 years started today. According to the stars which indicate epic conservative stuckness, there will be NO changes in policy, direction or leadership.

But his style — long on gut instincts, short on briefing books — has taken a toll. Sordid does make a come back though from May Aug 2. Fortunately for our future, Mars is once again elevated during the actual election. I started saying this in November based on the stars. In all my Oracles lectures this past winter, I mentioned Ryan was the man to watch as the only Aquarian of national prominence.

Of the 44 presidents, more were born under the sign of Aquarius than any other. Not surprisingly, a motor-mouth Gemini. Both political conventions occur in late July when Mars is in Scorpio promising wheeling and dealing in dark rooms. Saudi Arabia has Pluto conjunct its Sun in , the same aspect that occurred in Syria three years ago. Right on schedule, the Saudis find themselves embroiled in an all-out confrontation with Iran over the longtime religious schism within Islam. It being India, we can assume an astrologer was consulted. All the floods, earthquakes, landslides and fires are the darker face of Uranian disruption….

As the stars predicted, the Federal Reserve finally raised interest rates. I made this prediction a year ago and will extend the prediction saying that interest rates will continue to rise through the end of It will be nice to have a better place to put money than in shoeboxes.

Syria has run into its destiny which says and I reported this in my Oracles talks for both the country and the people are to disappear. What does that mean? ISIS is illusory, the epitome of virtual reality. There is no physical presence, no country, no capital, faceless leadership. The powers-that-be are surely confused about how to respond to something they cannot see or touch. The old forms are disappearing in every arena. Anonymous may have the best chance of actually accomplishing something with their declaration of war against ISIS.

Two interesting star related news items today. I keep telling folks, someday all those kids will be connecting mind-to-mind without even realizing they no longer are using their various devices. Since all the headlines are screaming about stock market declines in China and other challenging economic news, it seems appropriate to check with the stars. Austerity has been introduced into the mix with Jupiter entering Virgo in mid-August and staying for the next 13 months. Benefits of all sorts will come from prudence and savings and avoidance of foolish extravagance.

The short-term tumult is the shift being in motion. We face the final couple weeks of Saturn in Scorpio — cleansing all that hidden, secret karma. By mid-September, Saturn enters Sagittarius for an unbroken two year stay. Vision appears and patterns begin to emerge for addressing economic austerity with something less than panic.

There is an impressive 21st century future to build and it cannot occur in a healthy fashion until all eyes are focused upwards and outwards rather than on maximizing all profits in the next 24 hours or whatever short time span you choose. Ignore the volatility. Settle in for the long term and keep your eye on the ultimate goal. For those who are Fed watchers and obsessed with interest rates — they will go up, they always do when Saturn is in Sag.

The crisis in movement of people continues as Neptune in Pisces continues to dissolve boundaries. There is no stopping the flow. It will keep increasing for the next decade. Even if no one is talking about it at the moment, we know the Middle East is also awash in moving populations. The judges ruled that the U. Patriot Act cannot be legitimately interpreted to permit the systematic gathering of domestic calling records.

The move to virtual reality as a dominant theme of life has been a mainstay of my annual Oracles talks for more than five years. The same is true for the type of pervasive madness most recently exemplified by the German pilot who flew into a mountain. If you like being cutting edge, my Oracles talks are available on CD. The disastrous slide at Yeager Airport in Charleston can be linked to the dramatic and explosive astrological aspect that peaks tomorrow afternoon.

This cosmic event is the final of seven that have occurred since resulting in a variety of upheavals and systems being destroyed. This particular aspect is also linked to aviation issues connecting it to the Yeager slide. The previous Saturn transit through Sagittarius saw Iran and Iraq end their war. Strategy in Iraq Increasingly Relies on Iran. It takes many forms. The period of confusion in this quest is almost over; the period of finding a vision that can drive a positive search is beginning as Neptune continues to move forward in Pisces.

Examine your own life and find the sacred. Sometimes it hurts to be right in my predictions. Higher demand in Asia, difficult weather in the major cocoa-producing countries in West Africa and attacks of fungus are contributing to the price increases. Mercury retrograde is really having its way with us … and more than once. First the northeast shuts down because of a blizzard and then it turns out the blizzard is not as bad as predicted.

Mercury is a scamp. It even turned on its old pal Facebook which has done much to spread the gospel of Mercury and its antics, shutting down the service for millions. Life is so much easier when you know what the trends are in advance.

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The warp speed of this year is showing itself in making my predictions come true almost before I make them. The prediction? For the next two years expect breakthrough activities related to air travel and space. Plus, there were also predictions dealing with big data and the parallel worlds of virtual and real. Oh yes, and the hero as the adventuring prophet.

The shift from Saturn in Scorpio to Saturn in Sagittarius promoted me to predict a dramatic move from lie worshipping to truth seeking. Whoever imagined it would be Fox News leading the way. Now, with Saturn moved into truth-seeking and punishment-seeking Sagittarius, the disgraced General is facing FBI demands for criminal charges. Who did that??? Stay tuned…we have months more of this. The NYT editorial board today agreed with one of my star-based predictions for What I said was was the year for big changes in Cuba and it was all about money.

Just a day later, President Obama announced normalization of relations with Cuba and the opening of a US Embassy in Havana after decades of absence. Havana was founded in a previous Saturn transit of Sagittarius indicating life altering changes in the couple years to come. As I say in my Oracles lecture: everything will have two modes: real and virtual. Google has seen this in the surprise positive sales reaction to its minimal virtual reality headset. The question to weigh is better a liar or a true believer.

As I predicted, Jupiter is settling into Leo and the increased confidence and sense of wealth felt by people translates into improved business and spending as shown by increases in hiring and a drop in unemployment. The article claims the Fed may raise interest rates by mid The stars say probably fall when Saturn settles into a two year transit in expansive Sagittarius. The NYT reports today that household wealth is at a record high, 4 percent above the previous high in The stars agree, as I predicted last year. With Jupiter in Leo, confidence and optimism are seeping into the public psyche and will become stronger by the end of the year when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.

It promises to be a prosperous Christmas season. It is boundariless; it is viral; it is irrational. Even the name is vague or shifting. Actions are taken to the brink to force dramatic change. Fanatical power plays are the norm. Explosive releases of anger are aimed at forcing change and freedom. The April Apocalypse was structured around the 5th of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto that have been the core of the global upheaval occurring since The final one is in All this indicates that taking military action will be neither successful in the traditional sense, nor quick.

Since , Libra — the sign of marriage — has been exceptionally active in that arena resulting in remarkable societal forward movement on same sex marriage. First, the 30 months of Saturn in Libra brought the issue solidly into cultural and political action. I would predict it continues at least until the end of the year and then it picks up again in summer of before being resolved in some way. Tunnels as the target is also right in line with the astrology. The only action I would add given the cosmic pattern of the moment is some highly explosive and unexpected outcomes over the next three days.

Stories about emerging virtual reality world are coming almost daily as Neptune continues its movement through Pisces — as predicted. This continues for another decade! Unless your thrift store wardrobe comes from Paris, better clean out your closet. There is no stopping this tsunami until when the Neptune transit concludes.

In fact, I spoke specifically about these types of possible environments. Art has always had socio-cultural and psychological effects — this simply takes those effects to a more potent level by adding technology. Boundaries dissolving especially in those whose boundaries are barely formed, as with these 12 year old girls. Irrational emotional madness is the order of the day. The stars say this is a very complicated story that fits well with the complicated astrology coming up over the next week.

We can expect more news that includes dreams come true, old actions coming to the fore, vague and unclear backstory, lies and deception. Plus, in true destined pattern, Bergdahl is 28 years old, experiencing a Saturn return when one major phase of life ends and the next begins. This is an appropriate round-up for the day after Mars begins moving forward again in Libra. By late July, when Mars finally leaves Libra after a very long 7 month transit, the same-sex marriage issue will be completely resolved.

It all began when Saturn entered Libra in late Anyone who has heard any of my Oracles talks since has heard me make this prediction repeatedly. More on the solar energy boom just two months away! This fits. The eclipse is pre-dawn Tuesday and the upheaval period continues through late April. Expect to see more righteous indignation from the public on various sides of various issues.

As globalization continues its inexorable march, the lack of appropriate governing structures becomes ever more obvious. The rubber stamp Republican Congress is finally out of power. Congratulations to Democrats, and American people. November 6, night. Some thoughts on Mid Term Election. So, I can say that Democrats will win the House for sure, Republicans may end up keeping the Senate, because Trump's time is not so bad in November this year.

My condolences to the families of the people who lost their lives in the Pittsburgh shooting incident. I also wish a speedy recovery to the people who are injured during the Pittsburgh shooting incident. Donald Trump is a good salesman who understands what his audience wants to hear. Very few people understand that Donald Trump is just playing a character on stage for the audience present at that moment. I strongly condemn the bomb attacks against senior Democrat government officials and CNN this morning. Let us hope Donald Trump will stop calling half of the country as bad or evil people, and try to be the President of all Americans.

I had mentioned in my Trump First Term Astrology article that October and November this year are good months for Donald Trump and look what happened yesterday. So, I can say that Democrats will win the House for sure, Republicans may end up keeping the Senate, because Trump's time is not so bad in November. Trump's difficult time begins on January 14, We do not have AA rating birth time for Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell, so it is hard to make the correct prediction astrologically for the mid-term election. In my September 25th and September 28th updates I had clearly mentioned that I cannot make astrology prediction about Brett Kavanaugh because his birth time is unknown.

But I was under lot of pressure from people to make astrology prediction about Brett Kavanaugh or say something. So, I accepted the challenge, took the risk, and tried making astrology prediction after applying birth time rectification. There is no doubt Brett Kavanaugh's astrology chart has some serious issues at this time, such as Saturn aspecting his natal moon, and that is the reason Kavanaugh is having problems with women, there are protests and a prediction was given that Kavanaugh will not be confirmed, after applying birth time rectification, since the accurate birth time with AA rating is not available for Kavanaugh.

In my opinion this is a Donald Trump victory, not a Brett Kavanaugh victory. As I had indicated in my Trump astrology predictions that Donald Trump's time is going to be good in October and November this year. I would still say that Kavanaugh's astrology chart does not indicate victory to me. In my opinion Kavanaugh could still be in trouble next year if Democrats take back Congress in November But things will be lot different in the mid-term election, because it will be the American people who will decide which party controls the House and the Senate.

But still I would like to remind everybody that November this year is also a good month for Donald Trump according to his astrology chart. So, go out and vote if you don't like what you see is happening in the country right now. So Kavanaugh will not be confirmed tomorrow.

Saturn from Sagittarius sign is also aspecting ascendant lord natal Saturn, 8th house lord Sun in Aquarius sign and badhaka lord Mars in Virgo sign. These are very difficult transits indeed for Kavanaugh. Also 10th house lord Venus is becoming retrograde on October 5th.

Finally, Kavanaugh will be replaced by another right-wing candidate. Trump and McConnell may already have list of candidates that they know will be acceptable to Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, and can pass the nomination process quickly before the mid-term election.

The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question is that will the GOP have enough time to nominate another candidate before the mid-term election. It seems like Donald Trump is trying to limit the scope of the fbi investigation. It has become very interesting while transit Saturn is aspecting Kavanaugh's natal moon. Brett Kavanaugh Astrology Update.

If that happens then Donald Trump will not hesitate to dump Kavanaugh and quickly nominate another right-wing candidate. Let us see how this thing is going to play out in the coming weeks. It is becoming more and more interesting. This information is for the students of astrology who want to study the astrology chart of Brett Kavanaugh.

I have rectified the birth time using KP Astrology rectification techniques, and found the astrology chart to be pretty accurate, when I applied the timing of some current important events. Brett Kavanaugh's verified birth time is unknown, so I cannot make a bold prediction. I see that transit Saturn from Sagittarius sign at this moment is directly aspecting Kavanaugh's natal moon in Gemini sign by its 7th aspect, natal Sun and natal Saturn in Aquarius sign by its 3rd aspect and natal Mars in Virgo sign by its 10th aspect.

Trump is very good at changing the topic of the news, we all know that. In my opinion If Trump wanted to fire Rod Rosenstein, he would have done it yesterday on twitter, like he did it for Rex Tillerson. I still think Rod Rosenstein will not be fired, because Trump does not gain anything by firing Rosenstein. Even if Trump fires everybody and ends the Mueller investigation, he cannot avoid impeachment.

Because Democrats will come back to power in November this year and they will again re-open Trump — Russia investigation after January My Bill Cosby prediction came true today. The Bill Cosby Astrology article was published on December 13, Then an astrology update was posted on June 17, soon after his mistrial. I had predicted on June 17, that Bill Cosby will go to prison after August 8, , and the prediction is right on target. Bill Cosby Astrology. So, the period from October 11 to November 22, will be a slightly better period for Donald Trump.

But in my opinion the Republican party will lose House for sure and probably Senate as well. This is possible only if Democrats come back to power, because the rubber stamp Republican Congress will never impeach Trump. Senator John McCain will be missed, a true American hero, who always put the country before the party. My most heartfelt condolences to the McCain family.

I had mentioned in my Trump astrology article that the months of June, July, August and September are very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump, and Trump could face impeachment in this time window. Look what happened today. Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's former personal attorney, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court today to eight criminal counts and said he acted "in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office".

A plea deal by Michael Cohen could be a significant blow for Trump. Today is the day when Donald Trump is implicated in campaign finance violation, a federal crime. Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort has been found guilty on eight counts of financial crimes, a major victory for special counsel Robert Mueller. From now onwards the Trump Presidency will be in a downward spiral. I still believe the Mueller Report should be released after the mid — term election, because the Republican Congress has no spine to stand up to Donald Trump and impeach him.

My astrology predictions for Donald Trump are right on target. But I will also say that jury must deliberate on all 18 counts before they reach any verdict. So, it is going to take time. People should not feel anxious. But it is hard to believe that Jury will find Manafort not guilty on all 18 counts.

Manafort can still go to prison even if he is found guilty on some counts out of the 18 counts. Donald Trump is not moving the goal post, as media thinks. Donald Trump wants the Trump — Russia investigation to end quickly, so that Mueller Report is released before the mid term election and the GOP can exonerate Trump before they lose the House, followed by pardons that will be issued by Trump to people close to him. In politics it is all about timing. Trump faces imminent impeachment, after mid-term election because it looks like Democrats will win the House.

The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question at this moment is when Mueller report will be released. If Mueller Report is released before the mid term election, then GOP will quickly try to exonerate Trump before the mid term election. In my opinion there is a very slim chance that Mueller Report will be released by Labor Day.

I am leaning more towards March So I do not know who will replace Donald Trump after his impeachment between June and April But it is obvious now that Democrats should do well in the mid term election. I also indicated in my astrology article that Donald Trump's time is slightly better in October, November, December this year.

But Trump may not be able to take advantage of this slightly positive period when so many things are going wrong for him in June, July and August this year. I had indicated in this Trump Astrology article at quite a few places that many important events will happen in the months of March, July and November during Donald Trump's first Presidential term. This disgraceful performance from Donald Trump also happened in one of these three months.

You can read the second line under " Astrology Predictions". Certainly, Putin has something on Trump, and Trump is being blackmailed by Putin. I hope Bob Mueller and his team will find out the truth. This is a sad day for the country. I had mentioned number of times in my Trump astrology article that the months of June, July, August and September are difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and United States and look what happened today. My predictions are right on target.

GOP will still, continue to support Donald Trump until next summer, before they finally turn on Trump. I repeat again, Donald Trump will either resign or face impeachment between June and April , if Trump survives politically this month and August The latest Mueller indictments came on the day of the solar eclipse, July I had indicated about the July 13 solar eclipse in my May 7 update.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part Two

I am more concerned about the July 27 and August 11 eclipses, this is a very challenging time for Donald Trump. Donald Trump will face road blocks in getting his Supreme Court nominee confirmation during this time. We may see more Mueller indictments during these eclipses. The trade war will push all of us into a global recession by summer of , as I had already predicted in my Trump astrology article on Jan 20, The US economy will continue to do well until April , before we enter the next recession. The most feared trade war will begin at midnight. Unfortunately, my prediction about the Global Recession next summer June will come true.

Trump has started the trade war, will not be able to stop it now. Finally, Donald Trump has signed the Executive Order to reunite the separated children with their families. Donald Trump is now trying to do some damage control. In my opinion Donald Trump has done an irreparable damage to the GOP just before the mid term election. Now the Trump Administration has no plan in place to reunite the separated children with their families. Michael Cohen is close to cutting a deal and flip soon.

Republican Congress will quickly exonerate Donald Trump if Mueller Report is released before the mid term election, because both the House and Senate are controlled by Republicans and there is no one in the Republican Party who can stand up against Donald Trump. In my Trump astrology predictions I had indicated that June, July, August and September this year are going to be very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump and United States. There are better ways to enforce the immigration laws of the country. Donald Trump is simply trying to show his toughness on immigration laws to his base before the mid term election.

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One third of the country will not believe literally anything they see negative about Trump. The Trump — Russia investigation has already entered the inner circle of Donald Trump with the arrest of Paul Manafort. Michael Cohen and Roger Stone may be arrested next. The US economy right now is doing very well, but we are only months away from the next recession. As I have indicated in my Trump astrology predictions, we will be in recession after June , which will continue for couple of years. North Korea was trying for decades a meeting and a photo op with a US President, now they got one.

This was a victory for them. Donald Trump badly needed a win to save his Presidency, after alienating US allies in the G7 Summit, and making an unsuccessful attempt to bring back Russia to G7 Summit. Both leaders badly needed a win, so the Trump-Kim Summit went well. American people have not seen the details of the negotiated Deal yet, and the Deal is not yet approved by the Congress.

It is always good to talk to people who disagree with you. It is good that Donald Trump talked to the North Korean Leader, to diffuse the tension between two countries. I hope the deal that Donald Trump negotiated works, but we will know during the Saturn and Ketu conjunction after June if the Deal will work or not.

Donald Trump is very unpredictable, if the Deal fails due to some reason, North Korea refuses to give up Nuclear weapons or Trump feels insulted, it can still lead to a conflict with North Korea in the last 6 months of It will be a big setback for Trump if Manafort is found guilty, and he ends up cutting a deal with the Special Prosecutor. All these events should take place by end of August, because releasing Mueller Report too close to the mid-term election can be seen by American people as influencing the mid-term election. We may have to wait until the beginning of , if the Mueller Report is not released by end of August this year.

In my opinion the Mueller Report will have some very damaging information, that will change these numbers. Certainly, Donald Trump will be few steps closer to impeachment by the end of August this year. Donald Trump thinks "trade wars are good, and easy to win". Economy is doing fine right now. In my opinion we are about 12 months away from the next recession. Trump Is going to abuse Pardons to keep Russia witnesses quiet. We are approaching the challenging months of June, July, August and September this year, due to Ketu and Mars conjunction in Capricorn sign for four months.

Also, there are two eclipses in July, a Solar eclipse on July 13th and a lunar eclipse on July 27th. These are very challenging months for Donald Trump, as I have mentioned in my astrology predictions for Donald Trump. The months of July and August this year will be more intense for Donald Trump. I see the following scenarios during this period. The Trump — Russia investigation could come to some closure during this period. We have also seen that Donald Trump is now fighting battles on so many fronts. It seems like the Trump — Russia investigation is coming closer to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is not going anywhere until summer of Rudy Giuliani cannot bring positive energy for Donald Trump. The months of June, July and August this year will be very challenging months, when Trump may try to fire Mueller. We may see some more indictments in the Trump Russia investigation during this period as well.

US stock market slides as China retaliates to Trump tariffs. Amazon shares dropped 5. Donald Trump has tweeted about the e-commerce giant multiple times in recent days, spurring a big decline in the stock. Amazon shares are down more than 10 percent in the past week. We are about 12 months away from the next recession. This was my prediction given on January 20th last year. I had mentioned number of times in my Trump astrology article that Republican Congress is not going to impeach Trump, no matter what happens.

I want to remind everybody that I had predicted global recession after summer of in my Trump astrology article. The economy is doing fine right now, but some mistakes will be made between now and summer of that will lead us to global recession. One such mistake would be tariffs on steel and aluminum imports that Donald Trump is planning to impose, that could prompt fears of trade war. People are wondering when the meeting between Donald Trump and Robert Mueller will take place. But, in my opinion there may not be a meeting, Special Prosecutor may not need a meeting with Donald Trump.

Robert Mueller is going to move forward with the Trump — Russia investigation, step by step, with a plan that no one knows. There will be more indictments. This is the important astrology prediction. There are two very important questions at this moment, when the Muller investigation will come to some closure, and will Donald Trump fire Robert Mueller before the Trump - Russia investigation is over.

There is no doubt Donald Trump has a very powerful astrology chart, but Trump just happens to be in a very bad Jupiter mahadasha. Donald Trump is not going to go down very easily, can even lead to constitutional crisis in the country. We have also seen that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is very quiet and keeping all his cards close to his vest. July and August this year could also be the time when Mueller investigation comes to some closure, and Trump impeachment begins.

But removal from office will take place between June and April , as I have predicted in my article. Republican party will finally abandon Trump Between June and April , and that will be the end of Trump Presidency. I apologize for being late due to very busy schedule. Donald Trump Astrology Update Happy New Year everybody.

Donald Trump was hoping that the Mueller Investigation will come to an end by Christmas last year and Trump will be exonerated. Robert Mueller is also keeping all his cards close to his vest. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller had also indicated before holidays that the Trump — Russia Investigation will continue through the year Astrologically, I do not see Trump Impeachment this year, unless Trump makes things worse for himself by firing Robert Mueller. Also, Impeachment of a sitting President is a political process, not a legal process. I do not see Republican Congress ready to impeach Trump this year.

So, Donald Trump is not going anywhere this year. There will be other indictments, that can happen in the months of February, April , July and August this year. The Republican Congress makes a last-ditch effort to exonerate Trump before the mid term election. Jupiter enters Scorpio sign in Vedic Astrology on October 11, this year. This will be a favorable transit for Trump from October 11th this year to February So, let us see how this time will play out for Trump.

Trump will lose support from GOP. It does not matter who owns the house and Senate, Trump will face impeachment and removal from office between June and April This will also be the time when the chances of war with North Korea will be very high. Let us see how this period will play out for Donald Trump.

Rather Trump will make things worse for himself as firing Mueller will lead to constitutional crisis. Trump will look even more guilty in the eyes of the public. There is no doubt Donald Trump has some very powerful planets in his horoscope, but unfortunately for Donald Trump, he is in a bad Jupiter mahadasha. This is a big setback for the Trump Presidency, and now Mike Pence is also in deep trouble. The Trump - Russia probe has gone into the inner circle of Donald Trump as we approach It looks like the second round of indictments are about to begin soon.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has done an excellent job, so far. I hope the Mueller investigation comes to some closure after the mid-term election, because I doubt Donald Trump will be impeached by Republican Congress. Trump is hoping that the Mueller investigation will be over before the mid-term election, and the Republican Congress will exonerate him.

If Democrats come back to power after mid-term election, then the Impeachment proceedings will begin in the beginning of and Donald Trump presidency will come to an end between June and April But if Republicans stay in power, they will be at loggerheads with Trump by summer of , and Trump Presidency still comes to an end between June and April , as I have predicted in my article on Jan 20th this year.

As far as war with North Korea is concerned, this is what I posted on October 1st this year. We will again see a war like situation with North Korea from Jan 20, to end of February , then again between March 20th to end of April The months of June, July August and September are also dangerous for war. I had already predicted 10 months ago in this article, that during this time we will see global recession, stock market crash, Trump impeachment and may be war with North Korea, all happening at same time.

If Trump faced impeachment and removal from office first, and there is a change in leadership at the top then probably the war like situation will be diffused, just like the Iran hostage crisis was resolved when Ronald Reagan replaced Jimmy Carter in But if Trump is still the President in last 6 months of , then his astrology chart clearly indicates war.

What we can expect in the coming months. Why Donald Trump thinks he will be exonerated by the end of next year. Donald Trump Astrology update for So far, my Donald Trump astrology predictions are right on target. Donald Trump has zero accomplishments in his first year of Presidential Term, could not repeal and replace Obama care, Muslim travel ban failed after repeated attempts by Trump, and no progress on his wall on the Mexico border. We may also see the second round of indictments in the Trump-Russia investigation during this time.

We have not seen any Trump Rallies for long time, clearly indicates that Trump knows he will be a one term President. A federal grand jury in Washington on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the U. Please understand that September and October will be more difficult and challenging months for Trump than the month of August, as explained by me in my last update.

In my last update I had given three timelines for the first round of indictments. The first timeline given was November 5th to November 19th, I was so close. By the time arrests will be made, we will be into the first week of November. Expect the second round of indictments during the second and third timelines I had given in my last update, that is the month of February and the period between March 20th and end of April. I believe in the third round Trump impeachment proceedings will begin. But the removal from office will take place in , as I had predicted in my article on Jan 20th this year.

A very difficult month indeed for Trump. Four Americans lost their lives in an incident which was thoroughly tragic but not the least bit scandalous. Trump could not even remember Sgt. In my opinion the first round of indictments in the Trump-Russia scandal are coming in either in the month of February or between March 20th and end of April There is a slight possibility between November 5th and November 19th this year also.

Other prominent names may end up being included as well. Mueller is attempting to carefully craft legally bulletproof case that has the greatest chance of taking down Donald Trump and his various co-conspirators. Astrology fans are asking me the following question. Then I read editorials who think we will be stuck with Trump for another 3 years. And then Trump himself believes he will remain in office for 7 more years. All I can say is "oh my god. My response is it will take time. Robert Mueller has not even indicted Manafort and Flynn yet. The million-dollar question is whether Trump will be removed after he starts war with North Korea or before the war will begin.

If Trump is removed before the war will begin then probably the war like situation will be diffused just like the Iran hostage crisis was resolved after Ronald Reagan replaced Jimmy Carter in Jan In my opinion Donald Trump is not going anywhere until The only way Trump sees to improve his approval ratings is by having a tough talk on war with North Korea, that is why we heard the 'Calm before the Storm' comments from Trump.

Robert Mueller is officially closing in on Donald Trump, and his investigation continues to accelerate. So, expect the Trump - Russia investigation to come to closure in one of these months. My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost lives in Las Vegas shooting. I wish speedy recovery to those who suffered injuries during shooting. Robert Mueller investigation is making rapid progress, Manafort and Flynn are most likely going to face indictment.

We may see more hurricanes between now and beginning of , as Rahu is transiting Cancer sign, a watery sign during this period. We will again see a war like situation with North Korea from Jan 20 to end of February , then again between March 20th to end of April Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and others are in deep trouble at this moment with the Trump-Russia investigation. Perhaps the only thing that can save Donald Trump from impeachment is war with North Korea.

The approval ratings can go up and down, but Robert Mueller is not going to be influenced by these distractions. Mueller investigation is making rapid progress, and will definitely become a big problem for Trump in In we will be dealing with global recession, stock market crash, Trump impeachment and war with North Korea, all at same time.

The war with North Korea is almost a certainty, if Trump is still the President in It may be due to some miscalculation, as things have escalated with North Korea since Trump became the President. Donald Trump is so unpredictable. Usually after winning a Presidential Election, the President always comes to the center on most important issues the country is facing, because most Americans are mainstream Americans, not extreme right or extreme left. But Donald Trump this time never tried to come to the center after winning the Presidential Election.

But they never realized that Trump was Democrat most of his life, and he was just taking extreme right positions during his Presidential campaign to win the nomination and the Presidency, which he did. It seems like Donald Trump has committed obstruction of justice many times, many times. Donald Trump has no major accomplishments so far, and his popularity is historically low. Donald Trump just handed a major victory to the Democrats in Congress by backing their plan for the debt ceiling. Trump is so un-predictable.

It is difficult to understand his moves. He appears to have done it simply to get his revenge on Mitch McConnell. Trump supporters are not going to leave him no matter what he does. Rather they would applaud him for making deals with Democrats in Congress. According to Trump supporters, Trump knows how to make deals, Trump is a deal maker. Trump is trying to improve his relationship with Democrats in Congress, because he thinks Democrats will win in mid-term election. If he has good relationship with Democrats in Congress, then probably they will show some leniency towards him when he will face impeachment in Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Russia scandal has gone beyond point of no return. If you connect all dots, Donald Trump has already committed obstruction of justice, number of times. Donald Trump is holding , Dreamers hostage to force Democrats and some Republicans to fund his wall. Trump thinks he is filming an episode of The Apprentice. There will be threat of war with North Korea until October 12th this year, because Saturn and Mars are aspecting each other very powerfully.

I also see challenging times in February, March, and beginning of April , then later that year in June, July, August, September These will be challenging times and we will see a war like situation. But I am more concerned about the Saturn and Ketu conjunction from March 8, to January 8, , that can bring war with North Korea. For the North Korea situation, please refer to my August 8th, update. All they have to do is not flip on Trump. Trump is already in lot of trouble after this solar eclipse on his ascendant in Leo sign last week.

Please remember whenever Donald Trump will get impeached, it will happen in the months of March or July or November. The day of the week will be Thursday, or Moon will be in Jupiter's nakshatra, as mahadasha lord Jupiter represents Thursday of the week. Trump has become completely unhinged after the solar eclipse. We are witnessing the hurricane Harvey, firing of Sebastian Gorka, pardoning of Joe Arpaio, going forward with the ban on trans people in the military, and may be government shutdown as well very soon, if the Congress does not provide funding for the so called wall on the southern border.

A time will come when Trump will try to pardon himself and his family and his Russia co-conspirators. Trump is more focused on his golf vacations and making money, rather than his job as the President. The Mercury Anthara was still helping Trump during past couple of months. But now Jupiter is moving into Libra sign on September 11th, while Saturn is still in Scorpio sign, right on natal moon and natal Ketu in Scorpio sign and its aspect on natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign in Trump's astrology chart, will be very powerful Difficult between September 11th and October 24th this year.

Saturn will also be aspecting transit Ketu in Capricorn sign very powerfully Difficult by its 3rd aspect. Ketu will be very malefic during this time for Trump. The Republican party may have a second thought about their support for Trump during this time, as the mid-term election is also not far away. If Trump survives politically during this period, only then Trump will continue as the President next year. Steve Bannon is out, and today being his last day at the White House. Certainly the solar eclipse which is coming up on August 21st is not good for Bannon.

Steve Bannon will return to Breitbart after leaving the White House and can become a problem for Trump. So many cabinet team members have been fired, and some resigned voluntarily from their cabinet positions during past 8 months. Steve Bannon leaving the White House is certainly a welcome move. Donald Trump knows his impeachment and removal from office is imminent, it is only matter of time when the special prosecutor Robert Mueller completes his investigations.

Trump thinks when the push comes to shove, the white supremacists and Nazis are the people who will stand by him, support him and perhaps could save him from impeachment and removal from office, that is why Trump does not want to lose their support. On the flip side Donald Trump is making it difficult for Republicans to ask for support from minorities in the future elections, after his press conference yesterday.

The future of the Republican Party is old, white, rural, and mostly male voters. Today Donald Trump destroyed his Presidency with press conference blaming the left for Charlottesville violence. The eclipses this month and the Sun, Rahu conjunction that is taking place right now, is really taking a toll on Donald Trump Presidency, as Trump continues to destroy his Presidency, while Republicans are still not taking any action. I am hoping Trump's poll numbers will drop into the twenties next week, that should give the Republicans courage to take some action against Trump.

Republicans have been presented with a golden opportunity to impeach Donald Trump. If Trump drops into the twenties, the Republican Congress will panic and consider ousting Trump before midterm election, that is sub case B2 in my July 24th update. Trump needs some kind of military conflict with North Korea very badly at this moment, to boost his low poll numbers to survive politically.

My condolences to the families of those who died in the Nazi and white supremacist incident in Charlottesville, Virginia today. I want to remind everybody what I had mentioned in the beginning of my Trump astrology article on January 20th this year. Donald Trump is very impulsive and unpredictable, anything is possible when Donald Trump is the President.

There is no doubt the threat from North Korea is a real one but Trump also has an incentive to go to war at this moment, because this is the only way Trump can improve his sagging poll numbers. I think Trump is going to play this card either now, in next three months or in last 6 months of to avoid impeachment. Trump will try to kill two birds with one stone. Donald Trump vows to answer North Korea's nuclear threats with 'fire and fury'.

In my Donald Trump astrology predictions for the year , I had clearly mentioned that there is a possibility of global war between June and April US and its allies are going to try sanctions and diplomacy with North Korea, but I doubt it will yield any results. The situation will slowly worsen in , and will lead to some military action towards the end of , if Trump is still the President at that time. This will also be the time when all these investigations will come to some closure. So there will be lot going on in , especially towards the end of In my opinion will be a dangerous year for the whole world.

I see many astrologers right now talking about how the eclipses in August are going to affect Donald Trump negatively. But on the contrary look what happened to Trump Presidency during past 7 months. Now Trump is under Grand Jury investigation. This is the reason why many people have no faith in astrology. If you remember my article was published on January 20th this year on internet.

Please refer to my July 24th update, wherein I had discussed the different scenarios that can play out for Donald Trump in the rest of his Presidential Term. But at the same time Republicans do not want to be seen as leading the Trump impeachment, they would rather let the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller do the dirty work. Planet Jupiter represents Thursday of the week and today is Thursday, Jupiter's day. Donald Trump is in evil Jupiter mahadasha, that is responsible for all these investigations.

Jupiter is giving him bad news again and again and it is happening on Thursday most of the time. Trump White House closer to facing criminal charges as the investigation into potential crimes committed by the President and campaign has expanded. A grand jury has been impaneled in Washington, D.

Please refer to my July 19, update in bold letters, I had clearly mentioned that expect some bombshell events related to Trump — Russia investigation in the month of August. The predictions so far are right on the target. Anthony Scaramucci was brought in to force out Reince Priebus, and John Kelly was elevated to chief of staff to get rid of Anthony Scaramucci. Trump has now fired two communications directors and one chief of staff in less than two weeks, we have not even yet entered the challenging month of August.

Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff is pushed out on Friday after a stormy six-month tenure. I am not surprised at all. We will see more cabinet team members either resigning from their jobs or getting fired by Trump in the coming months. There is no doubt Trump is going through a very difficult time according to his astrology chart right now.

The Sun and Rahu conjunction on August 16th, is very challenging for Trump, so expect the unexpected. These investigations are not going away. Trump thought by firing Director James Comey, will end the investigations, but look what happened, Trump is now dealing with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. The proof is in the pudding, his Healthcare bill again failed in the Senate. Trump will be dealing with even bigger challenges. These investigations are not going away, because Trump is in a bad Jupiter mahadasha , they will finally lead to Trump impeachment and removal from office in In my opinion we are already in Constitutional crisis, even before Trump is able to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller.

These are the different scenarios that can play out for Donald Trump in the rest of his Presidential Term. Case A Trump fires special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Trump pardons family members, and some people close to him. Then we see constitutional crises in US. Trump becomes bold, and authoritarian. Trump stays in power until , and then faces impeachment or forced to resign in March or July or November of Case B Trump does not fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Trump stays in office until , and then gets impeached or forced to resign in March or July or November of White House press secretary Sean Spicer resigned this morning. In this scenario Trump will lose support from majority of the Republicans in the GOP party, and the Republican Congress will have to act fast, either impeach Trump or force him to resign. So far the Republican Congress is sleeping at the wheel. But if Donald Trump shows some restraint, and doesn't fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, then in my opinion his Presidency will last until , and Trump will face impeachment or forced to resign in March or July or November of As we know Donald Trump is very impulsive by nature.

The lunar eclipse is on August 7th. Then Sun and Rahu conjunction is taking place on August 16th. So expect some Bombshell events in the Trump — Russia investigation in the month of August. There is always a possibility that Donald Trump may fire some senior level officials during this time. Why have a private meeting with Putin, why not with other world leaders at G20 summit? The Republican Healthcare Bill is dead again, that indicates how bad Donald Trump's time is right now, according to his astrology chart.

The simple answer is we will know by mid-August, when Sun and Rahu conjunction will take place at 0 degrees in Leo sign on August 16th. There are two eclipses in August as well. Eclipses bring things that are hidden to surface. I do not remember a time in American history when so many of the people close to a President have had to hire lawyers to defend themselves against potential charges of collusion with a foreign government. The reason the evidence of collusion, no matter how strong, will not draw out any real response from congressional Republicans is as follows:.

But these are the reasons why Trump may survive impeachment this year, although the time until October 24th is very difficult and challenging for Donald Trump. I cannot make astrology prediction about mid-term election because I do not have Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell's accurate birth time.

My statement about mid-term election on July 11, was more of an opinion than a prediction. I was right again this time. Now we know that Donald Trump and his Campaign team colluded with Russia to score their victory in the Presidential Election. Another July surprise; Donald Trump Jr. As predicted Putin outsmarted Trump at all levels in their first meeting, and emerged as the winner. In my opinion Vladimir Putin will have an upper hand in this meeting, because Trump is already into his challenging period right now, as retrograde Saturn is right on his natal moon, and aspects his natal Sun.

Also Donald Trump is very easily playable; all Putin has to do is say nice things about Donald Trump. Also Saturn is aspecting natal Sun and natal Rahu in Trump's 10th house. Donald Trump is now in a very challenging period until October 24th this year, when Saturn finally moves into Sagittarius sign. Trump is going to be very impulsive and rash during this time, will lose composure sometimes and get very angry with press and people around him. So expect some impulsive tweets from Trump in the middle of the night in the coming months.

I had indicated in the beginning of this article, published on January 20th this year, that Donald Trump is in the mahadasha of the most difficult planet, that is Jupiter in his astrology chart. Now I feel I was so correct in my analysis. This is amazing!! His Muslim travel ban is finally partially approved by the Supreme court for 90 days.

How can anybody trust anything that Trump says? What I have noticed is that Donald Trump will say anything to look strong at that particular moment in front of his audience, when a question is asked by a reporter. But later American people find out that it was just another lie.

It has happened over and over again. But still there are people who believe that Trump is telling the truth. This is really shocking!! People always give Trump the benefit of the doubt, may be this time Trump is telling the truth. Trump does not have any good options left. But if we consider all other investigations such as Russia Collusion, Russia Business ties etc. In my Trump astrology predictions I had mentioned clearly, it will be difficult to impeach Trump by a Republican Congress, as long as Trump can meet their political agenda by signing the Executive Orders, as long as the Republican Base and the white working class Americans in the rust belt are still supporting Trump.

We heard some rumors yesterday that Trump is thinking of firing the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Retrograde Saturn is about to enter Scorpio sign on June 21st. So Trump is pretty much into his challenging time again, that is from now until October 24th this year. It will be a very difficult time, the investigations will gain momentum, make good progress, but I doubt Trump will be ready for impeachment this year.

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I received some messages from people asking me whether Donald Trump will resign in In my opinion Donald Trump will not resign. He will start some war, if he feels he is losing. He has a very strong astrology chart. He just happens to be in a very difficult mahadasha that is Jupiter Just see the James Comey testimony also took place on Thursday, which is Jupiter's day.

It is Jupiter that is causing him all the troubles. Even people with very powerful astrology charts also hit some weak times in their life. In my opinion Trump will hit his weak time between June and April , when Trump will find it difficult to defend himself and the opposition will be very strong. Let us see how this difficult period plays out for him. In my opinion Trump will be vulnerable during this time because he will lose support from his supporters and the GOP Party at that time.

I believed in every single word of his testimony, because Director Comey was telling the truth, as it is. But I can say with full confidence that he can have a very illustrious career if he decides to enter the field of politics sometime in future. In my previous updates, and even in my main article published on Jan 20th this year, I had mentioned that Donald Trump is not going anywhere until There are many Trump — Russia investigations that are underway concurrently at this moment.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller also has expanded the scope of his investigations. So American people will have to be very patient, it is going to take time. We have no idea at this moment where these investigations may end up going. The Republican Base is still hoping that Trump will deliver his campaign promises, such as build a wall, make Mexico pay for the wall, travel ban from Muslim countries, Obama care repeal, and fix Trade Agreements and outsourcing of jobs etc.

The Trump — Russia investigations will gain momentum and make good progress in July, August, September and October this year, as these are very difficult and challenging months for Donald Trump. But I will again put all my money on , when Donald Trump will either face impeachment or resign between June and April Donald Trump will fail to deliver his campaign promises, and the Republican Base will feel disappointed. The country will be going through recession, unemployment numbers will be high, stock market will not be doing well, and the chances of war will also be high.

The Trump-Russia investigations will also come to some closure in , and impeachment will finally be proposed. It seems like Trump has not given up his romance with Russia and Putin. Trump Presidency is in jeopardy because of Russia ties, but still Trump is trying his level best to please Russians. I was predicting the Trump impeachment in , but Trump has accelerated his own impeachment process by some self-inflicted wounds in the past 4 weeks, as Rahu and Ketu were transiting the ascendant and descendant in his astrology chart. So the difficult period for Trump begins on June 14th.

The time between now and June 13th is still slightly positive for Trump. There is ample evidence already available that is pointing to obstruction of justice. But I still continue to believe that we may have to wait until to see Trump impeachment and removal from oval office, because Trump will not go down easily. Trump will continue to find ways to derail his Russia ties investigation.

I will not be surprised if Trump uses his Presidential powers to fire more people in the coming months. Trump will not be alone, but there will be group of associates who will also face indictment. In my opinion the I had indicated in my astrology predictions in this article that the period from April 1 to May 15, Now corrected to April 1 to May 20, is even more difficult, because Saturn became retrograde on April 5 and became even more evil for Trump.

Retrograde Saturn in Jupiter mahadasha is the cause of all troubles for Donald Trump. It seems like today the investigation is elevated to criminal investigation. The damage is already done. Saturn is still retrograde until August 21st, and all these investigations will gain momentum after retrograde Saturn moves back to Scorpio sign on June 21st according to Vedic Astrology. The eclipse on August 21st falling right on Trump's ascendant in Leo sign is very powerful.

The months of July, August and September will be very interesting months, when we will see lot of action in all these investigations. Sat: - This is a very positive news. Now we can be sure that the Justice will be served. But certainly not a good news for Donald Trump. These are self-inflicted wounds by Trump. But if we move the birth time to Republican Congressmen and Senators will start abandoning Trump one by one, when they come to realize that he is hurting their chances of surviving the mid-term election.

Then Donald Trump's own party will impeach him. But the problem is many of them are compromised in the past by Russian money or laundered Russian money to their re-election campaigns! My guess is firing James Comey was a big mistake. Trump has accelerated his impeachment process.

Trump could have easily lasted until Now the sixty four thousand dollar question is will Republicans still put party over the country? The This is mentioned in my article. So I said May and June will be good months for Trump. But so many bad things have happened in past 10 days. It makes me believe his birth time So his bad time ended yesterday. So Trump should do fine next 6 to 7 weeks or so, until end of June this year. Then again challenging time will start after second week of July.

I was receiving anonymous emails from a strong Trump supporter for the past 6 months. This person sometimes tried to insult me, bully me. But I have no idea who this person is. But today I received an apology email from this person, and I have accepted their apology. Here is the content of the email. Seeing my country's democracy being torn up, hurts. I hope you post daily. You were right about May being a bad month. Let's hope he is impeached. Since impeachment doesn't mean removal from office, I hope the process at least starts soon. After the process, I hope to see him indicted and jailed.

The process can take a long time. Do you think the process will start soon? Will trump resign? Will republicans put party over country? Can you do anything to ensure a quick ouster? We must pray for this world. Trump must fail. Donald Trump is again in deep trouble for sharing highly classified information with Russians last week in a white house meeting. These are self-inflicted wounds. But so many bad things have happened during past 10 days. The time window from July 15 to end of September is a very difficult and challenging one for Donald Trump. I hope Trump gets impeached in this time window.

Donald Trump will get sick and tired of firing people but the Trump Russia investigation is not going away. This was a big mistake. Now the public opinion in US will shift against President Trump, and there will be a strong case to appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Trump Russia investigation. Months of August and September this year will definitely be very challenging and difficult months for Donald Trump. But astrologically I think Donald Trump is not going anywhere next two years.

But will be the year that will lead to his impeachment as predicted by me in my astrology article. The calculations were done using the following birth time information for President Trump from his birth certificate. Please understand if Donald Trump is born 3 minutes late, at I do not want to get involved in the Health Care Bill politics, but certainly Donald Trump will get some relief and go through some good time in May and June this year. The planetary energy will again turn negative for President Trump after mid-July. August and September are very difficult and challenging months for Trump.

Astrology students can read the following article from me on recording the correct birth time when a child is born in the Hospital. Hospitals sometimes make mistake in recording the correct birth time of an individual. Most of the time incorrect birth times are recorded.