Aquarius moon female compatibility

The Moon is beyond consciousness. It is a mysterious, inner voice that speaks to you from the depths of your soul. It tells a story about your deepest desires and rue needs. You should always listen to this voice. Astrologers say that the Moon is as important as the Sun is, when you analyze a birth chart. Emotions are an inevitable part of our life and personalities and they cannot stand alone, just as the reason cannot stand alone without feelings. The Moon is associated with the element of Water and it rules the sign of Cancer. It affects greatly the other two Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces.

It has always been associated with mysteries and magic. The Moon, as an element in a natal chart, represents the area of life that could bring you the greatest emotional turbulences. The Moon marks the source of your emotional stability, but also the source of the greatest insecurity and vulnerability.


Overall, the Moon affects your reactions towards people and situations in life. It is related to your impressions. For example, a sensitive sign such as Cancer would make one very vulnerable in these terms, while a strict one, such as Capricorn, would make one emotionally distant and cold. These people are visionary, idealistic, guided by the idea of ultimate purpose. They believe it is their destiny to help the whole humanity. They could be as emotionally distant from their closest environment as they can be emotionally involved with their big ideas. They truly love the world and the people.

Aquarius Moon stands for those who need support, whose voice is never heard. These are people of an open mind, liberal in thinking and attitude. They need freedom and independence. They are the most passionate about their ideals of a better world. Moon Aquarius people hardly lose hope the world could eventually become a better place for all. They are visionary and imaginative individuals.

Sexual Astrology - The Moon in Aquarius

Moon Aquarius people are known for their individualism and originality. They are not shy or afraid to stand out. Their hearts beats proud and strong about their ideas. These people care about all. It happens that they lose touch with what is near them, lost in their visions and plans. They always have some great cause to defend. They rarely find interest or any satisfaction in materialistic world.

Here we have a true romantic idealist. Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon are deeply emotional personalities, passionate about their causes. They combine gifts of amazingly strong imagination and intuition with their visionary, humanitarian and overall idealistic nature. They are often considered lucky people. Cancer Sun Aquarius Moon are assertive, helpful and empathic. They are capable of truly connecting with people, without wasting themselves emotionally. Aqua Moon people instinctively accept various responses, behaviors, and lifestyles.

This live-and-let-live philosophy earns the trust of a wide spectrum of people. This orientation makes it hard for them to isolate their unique emotional reality and know how they really feel. The Moon in Aquarius has grand ideas but can have difficulty with the nuts and bolts. Some find life's mundane challenges, such as paying bills or doing dishes, a herculean struggle. When feeling insecure, they may hide behind a veil of aloofness and try to blend in with the multitudes. Some find connection sitting alone in a public place.

A need for personal freedom keeps them from making ties that feel controlling or limiting. Leos are very personal and get easily hurt by the cool Aquarians who treat their partners just like everyone else. However, you both can learn from this relationship — Aquarians can learn to appreciate intimacy and Leos can learn free will.

Synastry Inter-Aspect Series: MOON + MOON Compatibility

You both may have to input a lot of effort to strike a balance in your relationship. Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign Both of you have different temperaments and approaches towards situations and often try too hard to please each other, creating an imbalance in the relationship. One of the major differences is Virgo natives are more practical whereas Aquarians think of the whole humanity instead of their loved ones.

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  • Emotional detachment keeps them cool-headed in crises;

Virgos are stuck with traditional and conventional methods while Aquarians prefer to experiment new things. Virgo natives prioritize their home and family while Aquarians can easily push them aside for social causes. Both of you can easily get soaked in your own interests in a situation. Virgo natives are very orderly, whereas Aquarians disturb the order so that new things can happen.

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  8. Virgos are self-inspective and wants to improve themselves while Aquarians want to bring about social changes and improvement and are often unaware of their own feelings and emotional needs. Virgos can blame themselves for Aquarians pushing aside their families. Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign Both of you will make an amazing couple and have a great understanding with each other.

    Both of you love to socialize with people and like to a part of a group seeking intellectual quests. Libras are diplomatic and exhibit only good behavior whereas Aquarians like to stir up the situations and make a unique impression. Libra natives may be a little clingy which the freedom-loving Aquarians may feel uncomfortable with. Both of you share a lot of common things that you can neglect the minor differences that can hurt your bonding.

    You both love to share ideas, discuss about people, books, etc. The major difference between you two is that Aquarians are rebellious and cannot handle emotional neediness while Libras are dependent and concerned about social behavior and manners. Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign Both of you have very different emotional needs and temperaments and there are always chances for conflicts between you two unless you both are ready to compromise on your differences. Both of you are quite stubborn and are not ready to change yourselves for your partners.

    Scorpios are secretive, emotional and bit possessive of their partners, whereas Aquarians are social and love to be in groups. Aquarians prefer someone who is intellectual and who can converse upon worldly matters. They want to be free and do not like to be controlled by anyone, whereas Scorpios are quite controlling and may try to manipulate their partners to accomplish things.

    Scorpios are quite emotional while Aquarians are more mental than emotional. Scorpios can be obsessed with an emotion or feeling whereas Aquarians are more detached and are often unaware of their own emotions. Scorpios also turn jealous when their Aquarian partners socially and intellectually mingle with people, which will make the Scorpios do anything to manipulate the situation.

    This is a rarely compatible pairing and may have to make several compromises to save your relationship. Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign Both of you are extremely compatible and have similar emotional needs and interests. You both share a wonderful relationship based on friendship and loyalty. You have very common interests in family life and experiencing adventures, which will keep you both attracted to each other. You both love to socialize with people and adapt easily with groups. Both of you have a thirst for experiencing new things and will make an amazing pair together bringing out the best in each other.

    At the same time, you both want your personal freedom and do not like to be controlled or possessed. Both of you love to try out contemporary methods to accomplish things, instead of sticking to the old traditions.

    Starstruck: What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Romantic Compatibility

    You both are idealistic, with Aquarians being more logical and believe a particular system of philosophy. Although both of you share a great rapport, if your ideologies differ, then there are chances for conflicts between you two.

    Pisces-Aquarius Compatibility

    Your relationship is warm, light and may lack intimacy or depth. Also, neither of you like to be domesticated, so you both may enjoy spending time travelling to places. Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign Both of you are quite compatible, but have different emotional needs and temperaments. So one of you may have to make more compromises to set things right. Capricorns are serious and quite pessimistic and generally do not express their true emotions, while Aquarians are energetic, optimistic and friendly.

    Aquarians often try to intellectualize the feelings and are unaware of their own true emotions. Capricorns prefer to follow traditional methods and are more cautious in trying out new ideas, whereas Aquarians crave for adventure and love to try out novel ventures. Aquarians want their personal freedom and do not like to be controlled or possessed, whereas Capricorns are more committed and dedicated and sometimes may try to control their partners. Since both of you have different needs, you may feel inhibited in expressing your true feelings.