20 october personal day numerology

So November 16, in would be as follows. You are in a 2 year all year. This is the year of relationships in every way, be it personal, romantic or career wise. It might be a poignant year to look at the relationship you have with yourself. Are you disappointed or are you looking to always expand your possibilities.

You might also enjoy this post all about your inspiration number. I also feel the same thing as Jordan above. No matter what mathematics and science say, to me, the personal year starts on my birthday. I was born on October 20th, Hi Davy, I understand what you are saying, it is often that you feel last year, this year and next year interweaving with each other, especially when your birthday comes in October. In my view, it is logical to add month and day to the current year not the nxst year or the previous year. But for instance, I am in an eight year.

I am feeling some of the seven as a bit inside and contemplating. But I am also dealing with how I relate to the world and my career.. Not always easy as the positive and the shadow of being in my power come into play.

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And next year, oh boy, dealing with transformation, yikes! For you, yes, you will feel lots of change 5 and movement, but I wonder if you also are feeling change in relationships and heart and love, even loss. Up to you, of course, what you would like to believe in. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Your email:. Gina, to find out your personal year you add your month and day to the current year. The 9 inspiration number in numerology One more thing about your particular birthday.

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Should I Change My Name? What is your Personal Year? Search this website. Close Search this website. To clarify, you know when a situation has hope and when you must be realistic about the severity of a situation. To clarify, you know that money is necessary for you to live a full and luxurious lifestyle. In other words, you are again being realistic with yourself as to how you will achieve happiness.

You are likely to achieve this financial success because you are wise, ambitious, and organized. Furthermore, you do not back down from any tasks and enjoy motivating others to do the same. The need for followers is what makes you so ambitious and want to be in charge. Furthermore, if an 8 does not receive support they may become frustrated at everything they do. You do best when you surround yourself with those who love and support you. To sum up, you must balance your goals by only letting positivity into your life.

If you have too much of one or the other you may be susceptible to failure. To clarify, consider the fact that when you multiply any number and 9 and then you add the single digits and reduce them to a single digit, the single digit will always be 9. Take a look below. This will happen with any number when it comes to multiplication. On the other hand, when you look at addition, the opposite happens.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

When adding 9 to a number, and reducing it to just one digit, you will see that it results in the original number! See below. Furthermore, this fact is a perfect embodiment of what life path number 9 represents. To clarify, nines have unlimited amounts of love and are gracious with it. For this reason, you will be quite vocal about your opinions. This is where 9 truly stands out. Recall the addition and multiplication earlier? The reason being, you find those around you are usually disappointing and so is the reality of a situation. In addition, making connecting and establishing romantic relationships exposes your dark side.

To clarify, you alienate those closest to you because of your dedication to your own rational self-interests. Secondly, you view their criticisms as unjustified and selfish. You view others as selfish and struggle to understand why their advice should be taken seriously. It is for this reason; you push others away and become very hostile. In other words, you are susceptible to developing a large ego, showing little empathy, or being cruel to your loved ones.

As a result, you have trouble enjoying your life because of your obsession with the present. Additionally, you have difficulty seeing that humans have their limits and will continue to push through these barriers, even at the cost of your own happiness. On the other hand, you have an uncanny ability to view the world clearly. To sum up, you must utilize this skill to rectify your own flaws and face your inner darkness. Moreover, you are committed when it comes to relationships and are likely to marry at a young age.

You have a lot of energy and love living life on the edge. Furthermore, you are great at forming deep connections with others as well as serious relationships. On the other hand, you are very restless because of your tendency to live an extreme lifestyle. To clarify, you have too much spare energy and often jump around different ideas due to boredom.

This makes you powerful but at the same time can cause you great emotional distress. Elevens also greatly underestimate their potential. In other words, you can naturally see through situations with astounding accuracy and this leads to you unlocking great opportunities. However, you must take care because you are susceptible to anxiety attacks and stress. The reason being, you have a lot of energy and this can make you jump to conclusions. You must find a way to balance your high energy and your life.

To clarify, take some time off when dealing with stressful situations. In addition, you are determined, focused, ambitious, and confident. With these traits you are able to naturally realize your dreams. Furthermore, you are a hard worker and independent; additionally, you do not allow anxiety or stress to get to you. On the other hand, your being a logical person makes you realistic; as a result, you often set limits on certain ideas.

In addition, you can carefully analyze and deduce complex situations. This skill is useful for you as a person who is part of a large company or business. That is to say, you know just how much potential you have, and this has you setting unrealistic expectations of yourself. As a result, you are often disappointed and left with a feeling of unfulfillment.

You feel pressured to constantly succeed and will not accept any sort of failure. Therefore, you blame yourself for everything even if somethings out of your control. You and your sweetie could be talking about a little getaway soon. If dating, this week might bring someone at least fun to talk to. Becoming over-tired or drinking too much lessens your natural ability to handle stress or de-escalate conflict.

A surprise announcement from a relative; feeling you have to solve everything; minor health issue from stress; conflicts; attending a group activity; eloping; splitting-up; birth of child; child off to college; care of sick relative; move of home. Others may demand attention this week more than usual. Family members also tend to voice advice and opinions, so try not to jump to the bait. You could be making changes in your routine or around the house. Career-wise you likely are doing lots of customer service type of activity. Group or community interactions may become contentious, or interfere with personal time.

Family matters are a priority for the next few weeks. Getting married or engaged is a possibility, as is being away from home this week. Try not to give advice unless someone asks for it. You or a family member may visit a doctor. Downtime; enjoying nature and solitude; re flection on what is important; medical diagnosis; time for detoxifying and healing; secrets; discovery; editing a creative project; buying new technology; studying; periods of sadness; loneliness.

Avoid denying your true feelings. Instead of making assumptions about a situation, bring fears, concerns, or underlying thoughts out in the open where possible. As your solitude-loving Seven starts to unfold, you tend to step back or say no, where you usually say yes. Let things develop this week in their own time. Fruit falls easily when it's ripe. Romantic life tends to be quiet—unless you are having an affair. In that case, you might be feeling especially obsessed. Medical visits might include in-vitro procedures, minor surgery, cognitive therapy, or X-rays.

During this reflective period, you are drawn to browse old photos, attend a high school reunion, or buy vintage items.

Financial decisions; buying or selling property; separation or loss; hassles dealing with corporations, lawsuits, medical issues; loss of inheritance or mortgage; surgical procedures; career advancement; receiving an award; business trip; buying a vehicle. By the weekend, you likely have cause for great satisfaction.

Even though time or finances feel tight, you come up with a plan to reduce stress or debt. You see a light at the end of the tunnel, but you must commit to a long-term plan. Don't let old beliefs or unrealistic fears keep you from taking action. This is the time to show what you are made of. Eight's emphasis on hard facts may bring up an issue in your relationship. Anger could indicate an underlying truth pointing out the need for improvement. A health check up could reveal an area needing attention.

Life Path Number

Losses and gains; completing a deal or project; a life-changing event; need for understanding, acceptance, generosity; time to let go; retirement; selling property; receiving an inheritance; settling a lawsuit; good fortune; expensive travel; big wedding. October's good-fortune Nine vibe could bring improved finances as a result of recent good choices or efforts.

On the other hand, Nine could take away an old condition, sending you into a temporary tailspin.