Astrology eclipse january 29 2020

The solar eclipse image is the yellow Sun with the Moon moving between the Sun and the Earth. | A stellar process of transformation

Scroll on down the page for all the information. The letters L Lunar and S Solar are included with the Saros numbers to help distinguish the series that the eclipse belongs with. The Nodal Family is directly linked with the Saros Series. The North and South represent the node that the eclipse series originates from.

Lunar Eclipse 2020

The crescent is actually the Sun being eclipsed by the Moon during a solar eclipse, while the pinkish round circle is the Full Moon during a total lunar eclipse. To adjust the times for your timezone, add or subtract the number of hours your timezone is from 0 UT. If you live in the western hemisphere mostly the Americas you would subtract the number of hours from the time shown on the table.

The last event on January 21, , was a total lunar eclipse. In this case, the Earth came between the sun and the moon in just the right way so that the shadow of our planet is cast entirely across the moon.

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The moon has to be in just the right place in its orbit for this to happen. There's also a penumbral eclipse, in which the moon is a bit inclined and is in the Earth's shadow, but not quite in a way that reaches totality as we see it in the "blood" moon. Sometimes, this is a complete shadow over the moon, but one so subtle it's hard to notice.


Partial eclipses are a bit different, wherein only certain parts of the moon eclipse. The July partial eclipse will be visible throughout South America, as well as large parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and parts of Australia.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – 2020

A very, very narrow portion of Maine and New Brunswick will see the outermost edge of the eclipse, but only the southeast corner of coastal Maine. The July eclipse will be visible throughout the United States except Alaska, as well as large portions of Canada, save the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

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The West Coast will experience a partial eclipse. South America and the West Coast of Africa will have full visibility, as will a portion of Europe, but the rest will be in a partial phase.

A small portion of the East Coast of Africa will miss the Eclipse. It will not be visible in Asia or Australia. The July eclipse will last around three hours, reaching its maximum eclipse at UTC.

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  • The July eclipse will begin at a. The light coming through Earth is heavily filtered, with our atmosphere taking much of the brunt of filtering the light hitting the day side.

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    This effect gives the moon its reddish tint during an eclipse. Staring at the moon is not like staring at the sun. You can … actually do it.