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The worst solitude is to have no real If you've recently accomplished a lifelong goal such as purchasing a house, that's why this card appears. Take a Birthday Horoscope Happy birthday!


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September 16 Updated. September 15 Updated. September 14 Updated. Fire is the elemental pair of the Sagittarius and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign to have a mutable connection to the element. Your special connection with fire allows you to be an adaptable and warm with your communication. In a greater sense, it is fire that fuels the passion and determination that are so intertwined with your being.

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When confronted with a take or worthwhile challenge, your flame burns strong until you accomplish your goals. Similarly, it is the Sun that connects to your strong sense of individuality, creativity and willpower. Your unique combination of planetary influences makes you more fearless and more of a natural performer than the other Sagittarius Decans.