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You would rather prefer people keep their opinions and advice to themselves. Mainly, you are guided by facts and by your instincts but not by one idea alone. As the 8 November, birthday zodiac sign is Scorpio, you see life with a different pair of glasses. Keeping things at a progressive and innovative path, you make strides to living the lifestyle you think about. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Additionally, the November 8 birthday horoscope suggests that you could be distant.

You find that being detached is sometimes best. Nonetheless, you are easily agitated at people probing into your personal life. Enough with the cold shoulder, Scorpio. You should learn to trust someone who has your back in the good and bad weather. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The 8th November birthday compatibility analysis shows that when you love, you love from within your soul.

When you hurt, you hurt the same way… from the core. Your love life has not been the best possible aspect of your life as you can be difficult. These Scorpio birthday people have problems with letting go. This should be avoided especially if you do not offer any positive benefits to the partnership. Maybe you could try listening to someone instead of pushing your ideas on them. The thing that makes you the most upset is when people involve you in their shenanigans. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The November 8 birthday astrology analysis shows that you are naturally an easy-going person with a vivid imagination.

You are sometimes unpredictable, however. This makes you a person who could be misunderstood. The person who is in love with this Scorpio should be able to openly discuss emotions and feelings. They should be tolerant and understanding. Test Now! The November 8 birthday personality is likely interested in fitness and nutrition. You like to eat several small meals a day as opposed to a few heavy meals.

You have a tendency to watch what you eat and drink. However, you may have an overactive libido. This inclination to find love in all the wrong places could affect your health in more ways than one. The career path of this zodiac birthday is taken with great care and concern. The 8 November birthday meanings predict that you could be a promising author or musical talent.

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The limelight is not for you as you like peace and serenity. Normally, you like to stock up as a way of being frugal. Odd would do anything to cheer Aelita up, which was why he complied with her request that he to go with her to Sector 5 to look for Franz Hopper, despite knowing Jeremie would be upset with them for challenging his earlier objection of going to Sector 5 for that purpose.

The kiss was done purely out of necessity to get Nicholas and Herve, who followed Odd and Aelita to the factory, to leave them and Jeremie, Yumi, and Ulrich alone. Either way, one of them had come up with the idea to kiss, and I found this incredibly scandalous. Upon her return to Earth, Aelita emerged from her scanner to find both Jeremie and Odd at her side.

You will find this headcanon in the below content. Please forgive me for all the grammatical mistakes and any incomplete thoughts. The ages of the Gaang members given by Avatar wiki assumes that none of them had a birthday during those nine months, which would mean that all of their birthdays fall during the three months that the series did not cover. This, I find hard to believe. We know that the majority of benders of a particular element are born during the dominant season of that element.

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For example, most waterbenders are born in the winter; most earthbenders are born in the spring; most firebenders are born in the summer; and lastly, most airbenders are born in the autumn. Here is a map of the Avatar World with real world major lines of latitude the equator, tropics, and arctic and antarctic circles superimposed over it. The equator is, obviously, the black line that goes through the center of the map. As we can see, the Southern Water Tribe, Gaoling, and the Southern Air Temple the birth places of Katara, Toph, and Aang, respectively are located in the southern hemisphere and the Fire Nation Capitol the birth place of Zuko is located in the northern hemisphere.

At first, it may seem as though waterbenders, the majority of whom are born during the winter, are only born between December 20 and March 20 the months that we, the people living in the real world northern hemisphere, associate with winter , but this is true only for waterbenders born in the northern hemisphere, for example, Pakku of the Northern Water Tribe. Katara, who is a waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe in the southern hemisphere, was most likely born between June 20 and September 20 the winter months in the southern hemisphere. Katara, as a waterbender born in the southern hemisphere, was most likely born between June 20 and September 20 the winter months in the southern hemisphere.

Toph, as an earthbender born in the southern hemisphere, was most likely born between September 20 and December 20 the spring months in the southern hemisphere. Zuko, as a firebender born in the northern hemisphere, was most likely born between June 20 and September 20, which are the summer months in the northern hemisphere. Further complicating the matter is the fact that Aang is the Avatar.

November 8 Zodiac

Is the generalization between what element the individual can bend and the season of their birth or the native element of the individual and the season of their birth? I will assume that Aang was born in autumn somewhere in the southern hemisphere, and since the Southern Air Temple is closer to his birth place than the Northern Air Temple is remember, male airbenders train at either one of these temples - Northern or Southern , that is why Aang was sent to train there; this would mean that his birthday most likely falls sometime between March 20 and June Based upon the above analysis, Katara, Zuko, and Aang should have had a birthday during the series.

Also, the options for zodiac signs to assign Katara, Toph, Zuko, and Aang are reduced to the following:. How do zodiac sign assignments of these characters by fans compare to the zodiac assignments generated from this analysis? Some of the most popular zodiac sign fan assignments for these characters include:. There is also another reason why I want to believe that Zuko has a summer birthday. May I remind you that Lu Ten was born in early to mid spring, making him an Aries or Taurus and his birthday sometime between March 20 and May 20? Yet I cannot see Zuko as a Leo, which seems to be the second most popular fan-picked zodiac sign for Zuko after Aries.

I actually think Leo describes Katara better than Zuko, although Cancer is a pretty good match for her as well. Set during Zutara Week too? Hot damn. Why not have them have the same birthdays but due to the time of day they were born, they were born under different signs? Iroh is a Sagittarius, born on November 27,?

Although Iroh is a firebender, who was most likely born during the summer - sometime between June 20 and September 20, I think Sagittarius would be as appropriate a pick for him as is Leo. Mako Iwamatsu, the voice actor of Iroh, was also a Sagittarius. Sokka is an Aquarius, born on February 11, 84 AG. Sokka is an intellectual, which leads me to suspect he is either a Virgo, Sagittarius, or one of the air signs.

I think Aquarius would be a good match for Sokka because, like the sign, his eccentricity shows through in his general personality and his ideas, strategies, tactics, and battle plans, although he is capable of being serious and practical when the situation calls for it. He is also stubborn, skeptical, suspicious, and grudge-bearing, typical characteristics of a fixed sign.

Although he is not very accepting individual or eloquent a speaker at the beginning of the series, Sokka grows to become a flexible and highly adaptive person by the end of the war and a good communicator by the time he gains chairmanship of the United Republic Council. Suki is a Taurus, born on April 24, 84 AG.

Planetary Row

She is definitely a Taurus. Azula is a Scorpio, born on November 8, 85 AG. Azula has a very strong, captivating personality that demands attention - very Leo or Scorpio. Ozai is a Gemini, born on May 26, 55 AG. Ozai and Azula are very similar, however, Ozai strikes me as the type of guy who is all talk and little action. He is a master of words, which he uses to abuse those who are close to him.

Just a little food for thought. Disclaimers usually come first thing, but I just want to throw it out there at this exact moment in time that these are not official birthdays and are merely my own speculations extrapolated from canon information with a touch of personal preferences. Christina, in an attempt to strike up conversation with Allelujah, approached him. For one, the role of the Ptolemaios team was made clear to the audience; they were, strictly, a combat team. Logically, Christina would call out to only Allelujah. Not to mention, Tieria was on her shit list from that time he interrupted her conversation with Allelujah.

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Having established contact with Allelujah, Christina was surprised to hear him crying. When Lasse asked her what was wrong, she replied that it was nothing but noted to herself that Allelujah was, indeed, crying. Being considerate of his feelings, Christina did not broadcast his moment of weakness to the rest of their comrades, thus spearing him from the embarrassment of the others finding out that he, Allelujah, a grown man and a Gundam pilot, someone who was normally cool and collected, was crying. With Setsuna, Lockon, and Tieria on the surface fighting the Trinity siblings, Allelujah stayed behind to protect Ptolemy.

There were three Thrones and three Gundams. Besides, if Allelujah had joined the fight, that would have left Ptolemy defenseless. Like Allelujah said, it made sense for him to remain on stand by in case the ship were to come under attack, although there was no immediate danger to Ptolemy since the world had its hands full in dealing with the Trinities. There is something about these two moments, the only private moments that these two ended up sharing in the entire series, that touches me.

By the end of the first season, I am fairly certain that Christina had come to develop a deep concern for Allelujah, whether as a comrade, a friend, or something else. HAD TO. The day afterward, Yumi met Aelita.

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Keeping in mind that he was in the 8th grade and turned 14 in this episode, Jeremie must have been born in the spring of There is speculation that Jeremie skipped a grade, so if this is true, Jeremie would have instead turn 13 in this episode and would have been born in the spring of We know from a photograph of Anthea Schaeffer, who was heavily pregnant with Aelita sometime during the winter, that Aelita was born sometime in January, February, or March.

This implies that Aelita was materialized at age 12 and turned 13 in the first half of season 2. We can also deduce from this episode that she was first virtualized onto Lyoko sometime after her 12th birthday on June 7, , which would mean that she was born in the winter of remember that the aging process ceases when one is virtualized onto Lyoko, so if Aelita was first virtualized as a 12 year old, she would have been 12 years old when Jeremie materialized her.

Close enough! This would agree with what I said in the above paragraphs that Yumi was in the 9th grade in seasons 1 and 2. I assume that neither Odd nor Ulrich skipped a grade, so they would have been born between late July of and late July of But in case any of you are interested in some headcanons…. Yumi and Odd were the easiest of the Lyoko Warriors to assign zodiac signs to. On the contrary, Aelita, Ulrich, and Jeremie were a little more difficult to assign zodiac signs to, but I eventually settled on Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, respectively I originally had Aelita down as a Pisces, Ulrich as a Virgo, and Jeremie as a Taurus.

Now that I think about it, I should have put my headcanons on a separate post. Oh well. Posted on Sunday, 30 April Posted by pietimeplz. Because I refuse to believe that Eren is older than Jean. Disclaimer Real life statisticians, please forgive me for my wonky math. When is Spring? Birthdays of Cadets Born in the Spring As previously stated in an official guidebook, the Survey Corps went on an expedition about once a month.

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Opens in new window 95 notes Text Post posted 2 years ago. Opens in new window. Posted on Saturday, 18 February Posted by pietimeplz. Opens in new window notes Text Post posted 2 years ago. Posted on Monday, 29 February Posted by pietimeplz. Warning: Brace yourself. How could someone not flip for a boy who was so darn nice? Of all the relationships Odd had, none grew stronger than the one he had with Aelita.

English translation: Jeremie: Odd!

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  8. English translation: Odd: Well, truce or what? Once again, Odd avoided answering the question.